6 Vital Modules Of Pharma ERP Software

Pharma ERP Software

Essential ERP Modules For Pharmaceutical Industry


Inventory And Material Management Module
Pharma Inventory

This module of pharma ERP software gives you powerful and flexible features for management and reporting. It facilitates the reporting of the inventory and the process of maintaining levels of stock in the warehouse. One of the primary function of this module is to recognize the requirements for inventory while setting targets. It should provide techniques and options for replenishment. It also helps you to monitor the usages of items and helps in the reconciling of the balances of the inventory and reports of the inventory status.


Accounts And Finance Management Module

Financial Accounting-Pharma ERPThis module will retrieve financial information from the functional departments and it generates valuable financial reports like general ledgers, balance sheet, quarterly financial reports, analysis of gross profits- both cost center and branch wise, account statements, assets and depreciation account, tax management and more. This is one of the most critical module of any pharma ERP software


Sales & Distribution Management Module

This Module comprises of contact management that also Pharmaceutical sales forcepertains to the processing of sales orders. It provides an integrated solution for sales and marketing activities. Its organization will bring improvements to service, sale and marketing operations. The Pharma ERP Sales Management is about customer retention, loyalty and gaining customer insight for improved operations.


Medical Representative Management Module

MR ReportingThis module acts as a sales force automation system and it helps sales professionals in the nation interact with their head quarters. This can be in the form of maintaining records and information pertaining to chemists, doctors, stock, primary and secondary sales. The pharma ERP software also gives you the ideal solution and flow of information with regard to samples, gifts and sales management.


Statutory Compliance Module

The Statutory Compliance module is programmed to Statutory - Pharma ERPprocess typical statutory requirements of the pharmaceutical industry e.g. Excise, Ageing Credit Control TDS, Auto Deduction of TDS, TDS Certificates Printing, TDS Returns Tracking, TDS Certificates to Receive Advance Cheque, Printing with TDS Effect Sales Tax/Vat, TDS, Service Tax, Bill by bill Input, Service Tax, Bill by bill Service Tax, Reports to facilitate Service Tax Returns and so on. However, it can be customized to meet any specific obligation.


Built IN Payroll Module

payrollThe advanced payroll software helps in achieving the end purpose of generating timely & error free salary slips, along with statutory compliance’s. It takes care of complicated & varied payroll requirement. It can also be customized as per specific requirement of the customer.


Therefore, if you wish to reap the best returns from your pharmaceutical business, opting for the ERP software is a wise and prudent choice!

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Vital Modules of Pharma ERP Software
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Vital Modules of Pharma ERP Software
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