Frequently Asked Questions

What is M R Reporting?

MR Reporting is a truly an online Pharmaceutical Sales Force Automation (SFA) software, which is a territory-wise, hierarchy-based and real-time system that works in 24x7 mode. This is the only Field Force Management and Automation software powered with dynamic features such as online reporting to managers, SMS and E-mail alerts. MR Reporting integrates a Sales Lead Tracking System to list existing customers, potential customers and related products and services. It also builds direct relationship between corporate headquarters, regional offices and the remote medical representative at all level in the hierarchy. The software minimizes the unwanted barriers usually involved in the Daily Call Report process

How M R Reporting Works?

M R Reporting Software works is a web / internet based application where the users can log into the system from any internet café and perform various tasks such as Daily Call Reports Submission, Tour Program (TP) Submission, Stock & Sale Statements, Inter-Office Email, etc. The head office can view and manage all the reports at a glance anytime.

Is it an internet / web based reporting system?

Yes, M R Reporting is an internet / web based reporting system.

Which companies or organizations can use M R Reporting?

Pharmaceutical companies having ethical marketing operations anywhere in the world can use M R Reporting software.

What are the main features of MR Reporting?

  • Daily Call Reports
  • Doctor Calls Submission.
  • Samples & Gifts Distribution.
  • Stockist & Chemist POB.
  • Marketing Meetings Info.
  • Daily Expense Details.
  • Next Day's Call Plan.
Stock & Sale Statements
  • Primary Sales Submission.
  • Seconday Sales Submission.
  • Consolidated Stock Statements.
  • Direct Customers Stock Statements.
Doctors Management
  • M R Activity Reports.
  • Visits Disparity Report.
  • Missed Doctor Calls.
  • Doctor Samples/Gifts Report.
  • Target Products Vs Samples Issued.
  • Core/VIP/Special Doctors Activity.
Tour Programs
  • Online Tour Program Submission.
  • Editing & Approvals by Managers.
  • Tour Program Deviation Report.
Expense Statements
  • Auto Generation of Expense Statements.
  • Auto Calculation of D.A. & T.A.
  • Editing & Approvals by Managers.
  • Comparison of Claimed & Approved Expenses.
Inter Office E-mails
  • Circulars, Notices, Letters Facility.
  • Mail Attachments.
  • Group/Individual Mailing.
  • SMS Packages.
Admin Functions
  • Control Panel to Monitor Online Activities.
  • Login Accounts Modification.
  • Consolidated Reports.
  • False Reporting Control.
M R Reporting Online Software
  • Very User Friendly.
  • 10,000+ Online Users.
  • 24 x 7 Online Support.
  • 100% Implementation Success Rate.
  • All India Sales & Support Network.
  • Absolute Time & Cost Management.

Does MR Reporting manages Primary Sales and Secondary Sales also?

Yes, M R Reporting keeps the complete track of Secondary Sales through the Stock and Sales Option provided in the software.

How are expenses calculated in MR Reporting?

Daily expenses are entered by the MR in his Daily Call Report (DCR) The Travel Allowance (TA) and Daily Allowance (DA) are calculated by the software itself and the monthly expense sheet is automatically generated.

How are Tour Programs (TP) managed in MR Reporting?

The month tour programs (TP) are submitted by the MR in MR Reporting Software and is then approved by his seniors after making necessary changes.

Is it only for medical Representatives (MR)?

MR Reporting is for complete management of all the field force of a pharmaceutical marketing company including MRs, and Managers.

Will a medical representative with absolutely no knowledge of computers or internet will be able to learn and work on M R Reporting?

Yes, the software, MR Reporting has been designed in such a user friendly manner that any person who does not possess computer knowledge can also work online with ease after few hours of training.

How and where M R Reporting is installed?

The MR Reporting installation constitutes of two parts : Offline Installation and Online Installation. The offline installation will take place at your office premises and the online installation will be done on our server and then it will be linked to your company website.

Is it essential to have our own website before installing MR Reporting?

No, a website is not essential to install the MR Reporting software. Companies not having their websites can also use MR Reporting software.

How much time is needed for installation?

The offline installation usually requires not more than 15-20 minutes and the online installation is completed in a day’s time.

How the implementation of M R Reporting takes place?

Once M R Reporting is installed, then the company needs to submit all its master data (Field Staff, Doctors, Chemists, Stockists, Products, etc) in the software. After the required data entry, a training session is organized at the company’s head office and the field force is trained their to work on MR Reporting.

Are there any data entry services provided by the MR Reporting team?

The MR Reporting team does not provide any data entry services but if the company can provide its doctor lists in excel format or any database format then that data can be transferred to the MR Reporting software. However, this service is chargeable.

We have doctor/chemist lists in excel files, can they be converted or transferred to the software?

Yes, if the company can provide its doctor lists in excel format or any database format then that data can be transferred to the MR Reporting software. However, this service is chargeable.

How many training sessions are needed for software implementation?

Only a few hours session is needed to train the field staff on MR Reporting software.

What areas of management are covered in M R Reporting?

The MR Reporting software performs complete Doctor Visit Analysis with Sample/Gift Controlling, Chemist Visits with POB, Tour Programs, Expense Sheets, Electronic Correspondence, Stock and Sale Statements, etc.

What kind of customer support will be provided?

Live support is provided round-the-clock by the customer support team to all MR Reporting Clients.

Will there be any help or live support available to the field staff?

Yes, the field staff will have complete live support (web based and telephonic) at all times during the day and in the evening also.

How much time of internet usage is required by a medical representative or manager to submit his Daily Call Report (DCR)?

On daily basis, a MR shall not require more than 10 minutes to perform his all daily activities on MR Reporting software.

What is the cost of MR Reporting software?

To get an exact cost for the software, you may contact us via mail or phone anytime.

Will we get regular Data Backups?

The MR Reporting team believes in total transparent relationship with its clients. Therefore, we give all the utilities to our clients and they can maintain their own backups at any level and at any time.

What extra features are there in M R Reporting Software?

MR Reporting is aimed at providing enhanced productivity and controlled management by avoiding duplication of work while working in a secured environment.

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