CRM Activity Management

In pharmaceutical industry CRM plays a vital role in elevating the relationship with physicians, chemists, hospitals, distributors and other healthcare professionals. While it boosts the productivity and moral of medical representatives, it also manages regulatory compliances as well.


Doctors are the most important customers for pharmaceutical companies, given that they decide which product will be prescribed. The companies – apart from the providing samples, visual-aids for product detailing – run CRM programs from time to time to display their efficiency and express their feelings and gratitude towards the Doctors. Companies investing in CRM activities always want to track the response in relation to the revenue generated at various levels. There is hardly any system that takes care of these activities and provides the management with a measurable output. MR Reporting helps to manage the entire range of CRM activities through its robust and easy to use module which takes care of all the processes involved. It also provides a measurable output of the effort in terms of time and money invested.

Finally, CRM goes beyond just productivity, sales and profits and plays the role of building long lasting relationships with doctors, through innovative product marketing strategies that are vital to augment the efficacy of their sales force to eventually boost the prescription volume.

CRM Activity Management

Advantages of our CRM Activities management module:

  • Specific doctors can be chosen by Medical Reps for CRM activities subject to the approval by their immediate Manager.
  • After Doctor List compilation the activity description with business expected and tenure of CRM activity can be submitted, on a monthly basis.
  • The Medical Reps have to furnish the gross ROI generated by the Doctors.
  • ROI report gives detailed view of month-wise CRM activities done Vs ROI Generated.
  • CRM Activities performed in a particular region or MR can also be generated