Closing Gap Between Planning & Execution

Closing Gap Between Planning & Execution
  • Total Transparency’ of interpersonal communication.
  • Effective Monitoring’ mechanisms to track the Sales & Marketing plans.
  • Faster Execution’ of ‘Marketing Strategies in Field’. Reduce gap between ‘Planning & Execution’.
  • Efficient Tracking’ of MR assignments and activities;  e.g.tour plans & program deviation, to doctor call itinerary  and actual visit frequency, allotted sales target and achievements, marketing plan and its execution in the field.
  • Instant Broadcasting’ of information related to; market forces, new drug launches.
  • Prompt Distribution’ of Promotion material to Pharmacies, Doctors, Nursing Homes and Hospitals.
  • Constant Tracking MR Activities’, irrespective of their physical whereabouts.
  • ‘Performance Report’ of MRs’ can be generated at any given point in time.
  • Visible Performance’ MRs’ can  see and evaluate their performance, along with company’s growth.

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