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In Effect, M R Reporting

Becomes Your Default Profit Centre

Sales Force Effectiveness

Cloud Based Software

Saves Time -
Enables Fast Decisions

Motivates -
Empowers Sales Force

Decreases Expenses
by 80%

Upgrades Doctor’s
Perception of Company

GPS Enabled Tracking

Finally, A Pharma Software that makes Perfect Business Sense – MR Reporting from E-tech.

MR Reporting Mobile App For Android Phones
  • Fast, Easy to use Interface.
  • MR Reporting mobile app works offline when Internet is not available.
  • GPS – Gives GPS Coordinates of REP’s location.
  • Tracks location, Battery life, GPS Status etc.
  • MR Reporting mobile app works on any android phone.
mr reporting mobile app from E-Tech
e-detailing software of MR reporting from E-Tech
E-detailing – Smart & Prestigious
  • Eliminates traditional Visual Aids.
  • Completely Integrates ‘Product Detailing with Daily Call Reporting’.
  • Reduces data entry workload of field force through built-in mobile App.
  • Keeps tab on product preferences of Doctors.
  • Attracts Doctor’s attention with colorful HD videos & images.
  • Builds a very positive impression of the company.
Closing Gap Between Planning & Execution
  • ‘Total Transparency’ of interpersonal communication.
  • ‘Effective Monitoring’ mechanisms to track the Sales & Marketing plans.
  • ‘Faster Execution’ of ‘Marketing Strategies in Field’. Reduce gap between ‘Planning & Execution’.
  • ‘Efficient Tracking’ of MR assignments and activities; e.g.tour plans & program deviation, to doctor call itinerary and actual visit frequency, allotted sales target and achievements, marketing plan and its execution in the field.
Closing Gap Between Planning & Execution
Advantages of M R Reporting Spirited Support Team
Advantages of MR Reporting Spirited Support Team
  • ‘Dedicated Account Manager’ is appointed to service the client .
  • ‘Round The Clock,’ high spirited 27 X 7 X 365 full-on support.
  • ‘Dedicated Team’ ensures glitch free, seamless running of the software.
  • ‘Online Solutions’ for queries of field force, if they were to arise.
  • ‘Knowledge Based Software suite’ drives the client Support Team.
What our client says
- Director - Shree Dhanwantri Herbals

We are very relaxed with the ‘After Sales Services’ of M R Reporting solutions software.

- Director - Goddres Pharma

Our Sales have increased & we are delighted

- Director– Lift Life Biotech

The company now performs like a orchestra - leading to healthy profits – which is music to ears

- Director- Windlas Biotech

It has also helped our company realize ‘MORE’ per ‘MR’

Our Clients

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